ASUS WL-530gV2 Login

Do you own a WL-530gV2 router model from the popular router brand ASUS? And not sure how to get logged into the admin console of your router? If this thing happens with you, then you’re in the right place!

Here in this guide, I’m going to cover everything about the WL-530gV2 router model from ASUS. You can read this guide to learn about the default username and password used by the ASUS’s WL-530gV2. It can also include sharing the default IP address of the router.

When it comes to popular router brands, people also prefer to use ASUS router, and it is convenient to use with lots of functionalities.

With the WL-530gV2 router model, you can easily make changes to default settings, including changing the router’s username, password, and making changes to network settings. Additionally, you can reboot your device remotely.

How to Login to WL-530gV2

Most of the time, the default IP address used by ASUS’s WL-530gV2 router model is – but in some cases, if you got your router from the Internet Service Provider, then the IP address of your router may vary.

I would suggest you first log in to the IP address of your ASUS’s WL-530gV2. This is the IP address which is mostly used by this router.

To login to your ASUS’s WL-530gV2 router model, simply use the IP address of your router (which is most probably in this router case), and enter this IP address in your favorite browser and hit enter (Only after connecting with the wifi network of your router).

WL-530gV2 - Login

You can also click here =>, (It will automatically send you to your router’s admin console)

If is the actual IP address of your router, it instantly opens the default login page, where it may ask you for the default username and password of your router (or the username and password you already setup to the device).

WL-530gV2 - Login

Once you’re on the login page of your router, enter your username and password you used to login to the admin console. If you’re setting up your router for the first time, you have to enter the default username and password, which you can find on the user manual of your router or in our database here.

Once you enter the credentials of your WL-530gV2, it will authenticate you. If you’re using the correct username and password, it will send you to the admin console from where you can manage everything your router allows you to manage.

Bingo! You successfully logged into your admin console of WL-530gV2.

How to Find the IP Address of WL-530gV2 Router?

If you’re not sure that your router uses the, then you can manually find the IP address of your router. Finding the IP address is not so hard and you can easily retrieve your password by just running a single command on your device.

But before we share the method to find the IP address of your wireless router, I need you to once enter the in the address bar of your browser and check whether it shows you the login page of your router or not!

Obviously, after connecting with the wifi network of your WL-530gV2. You can also connect to it using an ethernet cable.

If it shows you an error or takes a lot more time in loading the page, then probably is not your actual IP address of WL-530gV2.  If it is not your actual IP address,

you can run the below command on your macOS terminal to detect your “inet” IP address of your device.

ifconfig | grep "inet" | grep -Fv | awk '{print $2}'

And if you’re on a windows device, you can open the command prompt by typing “windows key +R” and entering “cmd“. Once the black windows are open, type the below command, and just hit enter.


This way you’ll find the default “Gateway IP Address” of your device.

Default Username & Password of WL-530gV2

You can easily find the default username and password of your router and to do so just check the user manual of your WL-530gV2. It contains the default credentials along with the IP address of your router.

If you’re not able to find the default username and password of your WL-530gV2 router, then you can also check in our database where we have shared the credentials of 470+ router brands and 5,000+ models. And the best part is, we arranged the data in alphanumeric order, so you can easily navigate the credentials of your router.

How to Reset My WL-530gV2

Resetting a router is pretty simple. Each of the routers comes with a button to reset it to its initial stage at the bottom of its body.

Depending on the model of your router, the button might be easily accessible or may require a pin just like the sim card ejector tool to press it.

All you need is to press the button of your WL-530gV2 router’s at the bottom for 2-3seconds and your router will get reset to its initial settings and passwords.

Once the router is reset, you can use the default username and password to again login to the admin console of your router.

Wrapping Up!

In this guide, we have shared about setting up the WL-530gV2 router from ASUS. We also shared the default username and password, which is being used by the WL-530gV2 and the IP address it probably uses.

I hope you love this article on finding the username, password, and the IP address of WL-530gV2. If you do so, please share it with your friends and let us help them too!